Who is looking forward to the influx of bands and tourists today?

Any bands you’re looking forward to seeing this weekend?

Submit a flyer or show info (for any show, sxsw or not) and I’ll post it for all of my followers to see.

I’m currently at La Zona Rosa waiting for fun. to hit the stage.

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AUSTIN: Keep A Breast is looking for volunteers!


Keep A Breast is STILL looking for volunteers to assist at our Traveling Education Booth during South by Southwest in Austin, TX on the following dates: 3/9-11, and 3/14-16. If you’re interested please email andria@keep-a-breast.org for more details!

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It’s almost that time of year again! Who doesn’t love a nice, cold swim at Barton Springs?

It’s almost that time of year again! Who doesn’t love a nice, cold swim at Barton Springs?

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Canoeing or kayaking on the lake.

Canoeing or kayaking on the lake.

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Sorry to have been gone for so long! I sort of ran out of steam for this blog, but with SXSW coming up in a month, Austin pride should start flowing out of me again.

It might be hiding in I hate tourists form, but we shall see!

In the mean time, What do you love about Austin?

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vriskaphiliac said: There was only one year when I didn't live in Austin, and that's when I was in San Antonio. I can honestly say it was no where near as amazing. Austin is my home town. Personally, my favorite places would have to be in the Zilker Park area. It's such a beautiful and friendly area, with a nice aura around it. Everyone is always happy, and playing with their friends, children, and/or pets!

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vriskaphiliac said: This blog. Oh my god. WHY CANT I CONTAIN... ALL MY LOVE FOR IT?

Well thank you! What are your favorite things about Austin? This blog becomes inactive when I have no inspiration. Believe it or not, some of the really weird or original things in Austin seem completely normal to me because it’s the only place I’ve ever really lived.

More SXSW bands have been announced!

Austin bands that have been added to the list include:

Dikes of Holland 

Edison Chair

Elias Haslanger

Miles Zuniga 


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The first bands for SXSW have been announced.

10 of the first 100 bands are local bands, while other bands are from places far away such as Kenya (Just a Band), South Africa (The Parlotones), and as close as Houston (Fat Tony, Something Fierce). There is still time for your favorite band to apply to be showcased, as the deadline is November 4th.

Local Bands announced so far:

Akina Adderley & The Vintage Playboys

The Black and White Years

Black Books

Love Inks


My Education

Not In The Face!!


Uncle Lucius

The Zoltars

I know it’s still early, but who will be headed out to see these bands, or any band during South By this year?

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You don’t just have to submit your favorite things about Austin! You can submit anything Austin related. Your favorite band’s next gig, your next gig, and heck, even your pesky neighbor who keeps trying to get you to go to his (or her) show.

Send us cool graffiti (with where you found it), cool photos, a new restaurant that just opened, or the place that always seems to get over looked.

Things you did as a kid living in Austin, but aren’t around anymore (and things that are still around…). I’ll admit I’m a sucker for throwbacks, and I’ve lived here my entire life, so if I don’t recall it, I can definitely find someone who does!

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submitted by thecrystalizer.

submitted by thecrystalizer.

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Who is your favorite local band?

Or bands, if you have more than one…

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